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"Connecting Food Manufacturers with Equipment Fabricators"

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Food Project Management | Advertising and Sales Representation of Food Equipment.


Food Project Management is a B2B platform designed to assist food manufacturers in simplifying their food equipment sourcing process. In simpler terms, at, we help food manufacturers find the right equipment for their needs.


How do we do it?


At, you can access videos of various equipment manufacturers from around the world. This equipment might be just what you're looking for. You have the option to directly get in touch with the equipment manufacturer, or if you prefer, we can assist you with that. Additionally, if you require specialized equipment, we're here to support you.


Our mission is straightforward: to make the journey of finding suitable equipment solutions for your food production needs easier. With our experience in the Food Industry, we understand the challenges you face and aim to simplify the process.


Whether you're a small-scale or large food manufacturing company, our commitment is to help you make well-informed decisions and optimize your operations. Through personalized guidance and an extensive network of global food equipment manufacturers, we ensure that food manufacturers discover the right equipment solutions that align with their production requirements.

Advertising and Sales representation of food equipment


At, we are committed to providing equal opportunities to equipment manufacturers of all sizes and countries, allowing them to showcase their equipment and services on our platform. Unlike many other platforms, we do not charge any fees for advertising your food equipment. If you're looking to display your food processing equipment and components with us, feel free to contact us at any time via email: offers more than just a platform for advertising your food equipment. If you're interested in having act as your company's sales partner or agent, please reach out to us via email: Through this partnership, we will actively promote your equipment on our LinkedIn profile and with our circle of food processing companies.

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